Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Still plugging along...

Good morning, all. One of my dear friends, Joe Geiser, asked me the other day if I were still blogging. The answer is yes! I've just been busy. My father's bills keep coming to my house. LOL. The gift that keeps on giving. He's in heaven giggling his tiny hind end off. "See? You should have called me more." My younger brother and I are waiting for the will to be settled so we can pay for Daddy's headstone and start to move on (a bit.) I need to sell Daddy's house too. In the meantime, Jack and I are both working and taking care of our kids and trying to live our lives.
On the positive side, I am still going to the gym at least four days a week. Last weekend, I had a blast in Spokane with my two best girlfriends, Jackie and Aimee, and Jackie's daughter Ivonne. We got lost, laughed, ate lunch, got lost again, shopped until we dropped, ate dinner, and finally got home at 11:00 p.m. Then, Sunday evening, I attended a fundraiser for Tanzania. (Picture) That was really cool. I went with my friend Jamie. The venue was wonderful, and we raised a ton of money so that the villagers can have irrigation systems and clean water.
My first book of poetry, Suede, is in the works, so you can all be watching for that. It is so exciting! Thank you all for being such loyal readers. Without you, why would I bother to write? I love you, all. Cindy, the Cobbler's Daughter.

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