Monday, December 31, 2012

Good riddance

You all know the song by Green Day... The one they played when Seinfeld went off the air? Well, I love that song. And I bet Green Day would hate (except for all the money they raked in) how popular that song became. "I hope you had the time of your life." Anyway, I digress.
I bet you can all guess why I am happy to say good-bye to the past year. It is the first time I did not receive a $20 check in the mail from my daddy on my birthday with a card saying something about how I got my good looks and great personality from him. (I don't know how he always found cards with the same message.) And it's the first Christmas I didn't get a $20 check for me, and one for each of the kids, with a sweet card about how much he loved us all. I had already made his calendar with all the pictures of us since he was annoyed I hadn't made him one last year.
At least this year I can be grateful to have shed 27.7 pounds off my 5'6" frame. I have not worn size 10 jearns since before I had Vinny. That is a very good thing. I feel so light and fit! I will continue to stay in shape because it keeps me sane and happy.
My teaching gig also keeps me sane. If you have any pull with anyone at WWCC, tell them Cindy would make a fabulous full time teacher. ha ha.
Bless all of my friends and family (and a special thank you to a certain 6'6" friend) who offered support, hugs, and even money during my downtrodden October. I love you all.